Loyola School Mungod

Loyola school campus is situated at Karaginakoppa which is three kilo meters from Mundgod town of Uttara Kannada District in the State of Karnataka, India. Mundgod is one of the backward areas of the district. Mungod is known for its large Siddi population. Siddi's are people of African origin who settled in the forests of Mungod centuries ago. In addition to the Siddi population, the area also consists of few other socio-economically backward communities such as Goulies (forest dwellers and cowherds), Lamanis (/Lambadis - semi-nomadic gypsies), Dalits (so-called traditionally treated as low-caste untouchables), Gollas (poor shepherds and construction workers) and Vaddars (stone cutters and quarry workers). 

Loyola Institution began with a primary school in 1991 with Fr Lawrence Pinto as its founder. This institution had just 34 children to begin with and today it has grown into Loyola High School (started in 1994), PU College (started in 2003) and Diploma in Education College (2004-05) with nearly 1,000 students.

Fr. Lawrence Pinto SJ - Founder of Loyola School Mungod

Fr. Lawrence Pinto SJ - Founder of Loyola School Mungod

Loyola school over the years has catered to the educational needs of backward castes and tribes namely, Siddis (people of African origin), Gowlis (cowherds), Lambanis (semi-nomadic group), Vaddars (stone-cutters) and Gollars (sheaperds) get education here for a nominal fee. Even those who have no basic educational orientation get education at a nominal fee.  

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Loyola school is a school with a difference where along with the regular classes, life-skills like electrical wiring, welding, agriculture, carpentry and computer technology are taught. It is a residential school run by the Jesuits Province of Karnataka, India. The students from the neighboring villages come here and stay in one of the cottages. Each cottage has its own identity with generally 40 students living in each cottage.


Loyola School Building - Mundgod

Loyola School Building - Mundgod

Loyola School is an eco-friendly campus with solar lights, biogas plant and vermin-composting. This makes Loyola a unique school in the state. Alumni of Loyola School Mungod have gone on to pursue MBA, M Com, MSW, etc., a few have joined the armed forces, and overall are playing a significant role in society today. 


Currently more than six hundred students reside at the Loyola School Mungod campus in thirteen different cottages. All these years each cottage had its own cooking arrangements. This has turned out to be an inefficient system requireing too many employees who are hard to come by and also involving unnecessarily huge expenditure. The plan is to have centralized cooking and catering. This will also help fulfill the requirements of the government which is initiating the Mid-Day meal scheme in the school staring  June 2013.

A plan for a modest structure consisting of a kitchen and a multipurpose hall which can accommodate 300 children at a time at a total estimated cost of Rs 48,64,990. (Forty eight lakhs sixty four thousand nine hundred ninty only). This new structure will be named “ Mr Ramachandra Rao Memorial Hall”. The Jesuit community is asking for your help in financing this worthy venture. Click on the DONATE link below to securely making your contribution.